Rory Gallagher – Too Much Alcohol

“Me & My Music” , Irish TV ; 14 february 1977. Legend!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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13 Responses to Rory Gallagher – Too Much Alcohol

  1. CyanideHappinesT says:

    3:09 WTF ._. 0_o !

  2. timmyrz50 says:

    I like it

  3. aledobretociastko says:

    Seriously? Try this: watch?v=XRtH7QLR924

  4. manmanguy says:

    Mighty fine geetar playin’.

  5. bluesvmta says:

    I think you mean “I thought I had some guitar ego… I was wrong !…”. What else CAN WE COMMON MORTALS EXPECT against this LEGEND !!!! Underrated on his time, comes to us the task of bringing him “alive” !… Say it once to one of your friends and a chain reaction will take place.

  6. J101191514 says:

    You is one deprived mf.

    Youtube never fails to surprise me either.

  7. GreenmanXIV says:


  8. XxasterxX1 says:

    ainta re alani eimai apo thessaloiniki goustaro blues xasisi kai mpura mono agaph k filia

  9. TheD1763 says:

    Oh God,what do I like tis song so much! He was absolutely the best bluesplayer alltime!
    I still miss him!

  10. thesillyfaceofbrian says:

    anyone that could tell me in which tune is he playing? thx

  11. TolisFrag says:

    I FUCKING LOVE RORY! Much,much,much love from Greece <3
    Noone is better than him!Except of course from Jimi Hendrix and Jimmy Page <3

  12. alvinleefan says:

    Amazing and simply wonderful. I was directed to Rory by another Alvin Lee fan. So grateful to YouTube for facilitating all this great music. Thanks for uploading. Looking forward to hearing more from the incredible Mr. Gallagher. Very sorry he passed so young .

  13. DayTripperLennon says:

    True that man. I discovered Rory via YouTube, and believe me I just can’t get enough!

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